Training and testing at your facility at your convenience.

We offer a wide range of bespoke training and testing services that can be carried out on your site, using your equipment.

  • No delegation or travel expenses for your staff.
  • No need to travel to remote locations, we will come to you.
  • No disruption to your schedule.

We offer

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Training and testing at your facility at your convenience. No need to travel to remote locations. No disruption to your schedule.

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You can train all your staff at the same time. They will all attend training and pass their exams at the same time.

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Great value for money

You only pay for the Trainer/Assessor to attend the site and carry out the training. Your staff can work the very next day with minimal to none disruption in their operating schedule.

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Our trainer is fully qualified and well experienced in their job so you will get a professional service at our construction site.

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GoldCast Academy on your site

Our trainers have well over 20 years of experience each specialising in a different branch of the industry making them very well rounded in most construction sites.

At GoldCast Academy we are passionate about quality training and by having our instructor on your site you will get just that! Quality is our priority. We are ready to travel the distance to share our passion with the industry.

Your growth is our fuel!

How can we help your company

We can help you achieve the best quality, trained operators with minimal effort.

Having been around for many years now we know exactly what it takes for your company to achieve goals and deliver work even in tight deadlines.
To start, just give us a call to discuss your training needs and we will accommodate your needs and propose training solutions so you can meet your goals!

We will make sure that your staff are trained in the highest possible standard so that you can meet your goals and expand your company’s portfolio. To grow is to learn and get better and by doing that we are getting just that bit closer to our goals.

We know what it takes to train good quality operators so why not let us help you?

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Our partners

Help us help you!

Our team knows machines and knows construction. We have decades of industry experience. Our goal is for you to achieve better operations and more projects completed on budget and on time.

Contact us for a no obligation consultation to discuss how we can tailor a plant training package to suit you and your team needs.

Quality creates Efficiency!

Goldcast Academy is helping to lift the plant operating industry to a new level of effectiveness. That’s our quality benchmark. A worker of yours who completes our expert led plant training courses is comprehensively trained. No stone is left unturned – literally!
The result for you is that you can be confident that your Goldcast trained employees will know how to operate your plant efficiently, effectively and swiftly, without compromising quality or safety.

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Bring it on-site!

Training is great but you can’t afford to have your workers off-site for too long. Time is money, right?! That’s why Goldcast Academy offers you the option of customised training packages for your employees ON-SITE. This helps you save cost and time, and lets operators upskill on the machines they will actually use.

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