wyzwanie 60 dni

60 days challenge

Best starter package for anyone looking to start their career in the construction industry.

Challenge 60 days includes:

  • CITB (H&S test for operatives)
  • Excavator 360 tracked above 10T
  • Lifting Operations
  • Forward Tipping Dumper
  • Accommodation and interpreter for theory exam (optional) and accounting advice support
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Who is the starter package for?

If you are looking to start a new career as a plant operator in the construction industry and want to get excavator, lifting operations and a forward tipping dumper qualifications, this is the right product for you.

Challenge 60 days is the most comprehensive package deal for anyone looking to start a plant operator’s job.

We’ll take care of everything for you. We are going to create just the perfect environment for you to start your training at the most convenient time and will help you get the best possible start.

Ready for a change?

How to start?

Buy the 60 days challenge

We’ll contact you to design your bespoke training plan.

Book your training and tests

We will send you learning materials and book your training on site.

Train only with the best

You’re in good hands, we have the best passing rate in the UK.

Get qualified

Once you have passed your tests you are ready to get a job and start your new career!

How does the Challenge 60 days work?

Once you’ve made a payment we will book you in for the CITB (Health and safety test) and will send you all the learning materials. After you passed the CITB test we will book you in for the training and send you learning materials. We can help with transport from a train or a bus station.

The course covers 6 days stationary training on: Excavator 360, lifting operations and a Forward Tipping Dumper.

The course lasts 6 days so that you get plenty of time to learn and practise before your tests.

Once you pass your tests you get your plant operators card in the post and 3 qualifications that enable you to look for work on any building site.

This package includes accommodation for the duration of the course. Should you need an interpreter for the exam, it is included in the package (there is a range of languages that we can get an interpreter for).

This package includes a consultation with an accounting advisor to answer all your questions about self employment.

Once you have completed the training you will have 3 qualifications and our support after the course. This is an ideal choice for someone looking to start a new career from scratch.

What will you learn during the course?

  • Health and safety rules on site
  • How to safely operate chosen machines
  • Daily check in
  • How to perform your daily tasks on site
  • Correct procedures
  • How to look for a job
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* after attending full 5 days course

Excavator 360 tracked

As the name suggests it is a large construction machine made to excavate, that is digging out soil with its bucket to create trenches, holes and foundations. However, a possibility to swap the bucket for another attachment makes it the most versatile and popular plant on most building sites. You can also drive piles, lift, load, dump and grade and perform other heavy-duty jobsite tasks.

Advantages of becoming an Excavator operator

Excavator is the most popular plant on every building site.
Excavator is a multi purpose machine making it the most desirable in construction.
Great salary package event at the entry level.

Lifting operations

Lifting operations is an additional function that goes with your duties as an excavator operator. What it covers is lifting and lowering loads according to health and safety regulations. In order for the function to be carried out properly it must be planned, supervised appropriately and carried out in a safe manner.

This is an additional qualification that you can obtain to allow you to carry out all duties while working on site as an excavator operator.

Advantages of Lifting operations qualification

Lifting operations qualifications expands your skills as an operator.
Makes you more flexible in terms of employment.
Added bonus which can be reflected in salary.

Forward tipping dumper

A forward tipping dumper is a smaller, more manoeuvrable version of an ADT.It’s an absolutely essential machine on any building site. It is mainly used to remove the material and transport it around the site. The skip part is at the front of the machine. Due to its size it is very popular on sites where the manoeuvring space is limited. Its sturdy construction allows it to work in almost any conditions.

Advantages of becoming an FTD operator

Forward tipping dumper is an essential machine on any building site.
It makes for a great set of qualifications with a roller or on its own.
You can find a job almost anywhere in the UK.

Additional Services

Take advantage of our additional services to fully focus on your training and maximise your benefits from the time spent with us.

Interpreter on the assessment

We use only professional, qualified interpreters who have experience in building industry services. If you are not confident to pass your theory test in English use their service.


It is required to start a CPCS Course or add a CSCS logo onto your NPORS card. Our friendly personnel will deal with your registration for this exam near your place of stay and send you learning materials.


We provide you with accommodation with breakfasts within 5 minutes’ drive from our training centre.

Lifting operations

Possibility to swap the Excavator’s bucket for another attachment allows this machine to lift and transfer items. Lifting operations are a separate category on your CPCS or NPORS card.

Add Lifting Operations module to your Excavator training and test to increase your competences as an operator.

How it works

Our Trainers

arek 3

Arek Bak

Over 23 years in the building industry. Former owner of a multi-million company with over 120 employees.

He has trained over 250 plant operators and has helped more than 1000 to be recruited and find their dream job. He specialises in excavators.


Tom Orkiszewski

Over 15 years of experience in the plant industry in the UK. Instructor and examiner on most of the machines in our offer. Our Health and Safety expert.

Reasonable and approachable trainer. Specialises in quarry plants such as loading shovels, screeners and crushers.


Wojciech Tomasiewicz

More than 17 years of experience in the construction industry in the UK. No construction plant is a mystery to him. Specialises in FTD rollers, loading shovels, telehandlers and many more.

As a trainer he prefers a calm, stress-free and patient approach to our candidates.


Mandeep Mehroke
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I would highly recommend GoldCast Academy, for any plant CPCS courses. They have now introduced an interpreter for the Asian workers, who speak multiple languages. 👍🏼👌🏼
Mariusz Kaczmarski
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I would highly recommend GoldCast Academy. Very high standard training! CPCS or NPORS only with GoldCast Academy!
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I have to share my opinion about GoldCast Academy in July I completed a course for a number of machines that were offered to me The whole training was conducted at the most professional level I took advantage of this project and I am very grateful to the group because I earn better money for my family I recommend it for professionalism!

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