UK Plant Operator of the Year 2022 competition.

The dust is slowly setting after the UK Plant Operator of the Year 2022 competition.

10.09.2022 was one of those days we shall all remember. 

It seems safe to say that the event was a huge success. We did get lucky with the weather and the turnout! GoldCast Academy was lucky enough to be one of the sponsors of this year’s event and our MD, Tom Orkiszewski was one of the judges in the competition, making it even more exciting. 

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the UK Plant Operators Magazine and the host, M O’Briens for this event. We are really happy we were part of it. With companies like: Hitachi, Finning, TopCon, Steelwrist, Liebher, Takeuchi, Collins to name but a few, there was a great chance for networking for everyone.

Also we want to thank all of you- the existing and new members of our plant operating community, who came on the day. You sure made our tent a very busy and loud place. We are glad you were there and hope you had a lot of fun. And for those that couldn’t make it this year- don’t worry we will fill you in on what was happening and hope to see you next year! It’s going to be even bigger and better. 

As a training centre we were able to connect with many existing operators and also invite and introduce a new talent to the world of construction. It was a great opportunity to meet with fellow training centres and construction companies, making it a great networking event.

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As the future of construction in the UK is looking bright it only makes sense that we address the recruitment needs so that all the machines are working. 

The biggest message during the event was that there is a huge need for many more plant operators to be trained and recruited. But being a training centre ourselves and having our management team experienced in the industry, we know  that the quantity does not equal quality. 

With all the great investments in the construction, we acknowledge the fact that we need more emphasis on the quality of our training. There is a room for growth and perhaps a need for reshaping the existing standards. Plant operators world is no longer just a place for men. 

With Hannah Jarman winning the UK Plant operators of the year is another proof that we have a great challenge of making the industry more open and inviting for all people. Hannah’s example also shows that the plant operating world is for entire families as she was in the competition with her father and brother. Family affair it is.


Having events like this is a great opportunity for a potential candidates to come and meet fellow operators and see how welcoming the construction world really is. With so many machine companies here, we were able to see the real beauty of them and perhaps familiarize ourselves with them and maybe even,  imagine ourselves operating them one day? 

GoldCast Academy had a great time during the event and are optimistic about the future of plant operating world. We set ourselves a challenge to expand and deliver more highly trained operators that will be part of the current expansion in the world of construction. We will train and guide our candidates through the learning process and help them get just the right set of skills. We are also committed  to deliver additional training courses available for construction companies operators so that we can upgrade their skills according to the construction site’s profile.

The future is looking bright, busy and promises a great growth so lets start building it together. See you next year!

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